Educating Centralians since 1938

Digital Teaching & Learning

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College encourages the use of digital technologies to promote a learning environment that is dynamic, collaborative and creative. The use of digital technologies across the three campuses supplements traditional pedagogical approaches and is adapted to suit the varying developmental needs of the students.

At the Bath Street Campus each classroom has access to computers and their use is incorporated into the daily teaching and learning activities of the class. The library at Bath Street also has access to computer facilities and there is a lab of 28 computers that is available for whole class activities. Interactive whiteboards are installed in each classroom and the use of new digital technologies such as iPads are trialled to assess how they can contribute to the teaching and learning environment. The campus is covered by a secure wireless network.

From Transition, children at the Bath Street Campus learn basic computer skills that include logging on and the launch of programs, mouse skills and the use of various software packages such as "KidPix". By Year Four students are proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and PowerPoint. At this age they are able to "surf the Net", send email messages and digitally present their work.

As of 2015, both the Sadadeen Campus (Years 9-12) and Traeger Campus (Years 5-8) issues all students with their own digital device which can be taken home at the end of each day. Because both Campuses are covered by a secure wireless network, students are able to make use of their devices in all of the learning spaces on the campuses.

In addition to individual digital devices, both the Sadadeen and Traeger Campuses have access to specialist computers for subjects such as ICT, media, graphics, art, music and photography. Up-to-date hardware and software provides all students with the opportunity of developing their computer skills and using the technology to enhance their learning. Students are encouraged to use “plug and play” devices such as scanners and digital cameras to develop multimedia skills.

The Traeger Campus strives to prepare students to become effective digital learners. Students participate in formal Information Communication Technology lessons engaging in a wide variety of activities including: office applications, concept mapping, multimedia presentations, stop motion animations, critical analysis of web-based information, audio/photo/video editing, Internet safety and web page design. Information Communication Technology is also integrated throughout the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning. The implementation of teacher and student learning communities are being developed through the use of web-based applications.

In the near future it is planned to launch a “virtual learning environment” across all three campuses of the College providing students, parents and staff with access to College information, access to resources, teaching and learning content, assessment activities and reporting data.