Educating Centralians since 1938

Faith Life

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College encourages students and staff to develop a mature, adult, Christian faith. A mature, adult faith assists us to fully participate in the life of God. This begins with an awareness of God's presence in our lives and finds expression in the life of the College community. Consequently, we encourage involvement in all aspects of College life because in this way we participate in the realisation of God's kingdom.

As a community we celebrate our efforts and achievements because to give thanks is the first step in the realisation of a mature and adult relationship with God and with each other. Giving thanks frees us from preoccupations that limit our ability to sense the life that is present around and within us. To give thanks is to live with hope and joy; hope and joy are dispositions that bring about the kingdom of God.

Important celebrations and events include:

  • College Commencement Mass: this begins the school year
  • Ash Wednesday liturgies and Lent including Project Compassion
  • Easter celebrations
  • Homeroom and class prayer: the opportunity for students and staff to pray together
  • Bath Street Campus classes celebrate the First Friday of each month with community Masses
  • Year 5 have an evening of reflection during their “Alice on the Line” camp
  • Year 6 students attend a day of reflection in preparation for Confirmation
  • Year 7 have an evening of reflection at their year level camp
  • Year 10 Reflection Day
  • Year 11 Leadership Colloquium
  • Year 12 Retreat: the opportunity for students to listen, reflect, share and express their relationship with themselves, significant others, God and creation
  • Year 12 Graduation Mass: celebration of graduation
  • Founders Day Mass and celebrations: celebrating the College patrons
  • Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Advent and Christmas Liturgy

The list above is focused on “events” that highlight important occasions or moments in the life of the College over the course of a year. However, it must be stated that the most significant participation in the life of God that occurs in the College takes place on a daily level by individuals in ways that are not marked or noted or acknowledged or even celebrated! Consciousness at this level of participation in the life of God is what the College ultimately desires to encourage amongst all its members.