Educating Centralians since 1938

Immersion Programs

Since 2004 Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College has offered senior students (who successfully apply - places are limited) the opportunity to travel abroad on an immersion experience to either East Timor or Cambodia.

The purpose of immersion is to provide students (and through them the broader College community) the opportunity to see a new perspective on the world and the way other people live. It is necessary to realise that one of the key purposes of these sorts of experiences is to learn from the people you meet and to stand in solidarity with them. In short, it attempts to develop sensitivity to the difficulties of another’s situation. This helps to ensure that the experience is not simply one of observing other people’s misfortune.

OLSH students returning from immersion programs are expected to relay their experiences to members of the College community and make an ongoing contribution to the life of the College in the light of their immersion.

Program One - East Timor
In July Year 11 students travel with staff to Baucau where they immerse themselves in a range of local situations including family life, orphanages, schools, vocational training centres and youth centres.

Program Two - Cambodia
In December Year 12 students travel with staff to Sala Lavalla School in Phnom Penh - a school operated by the Marist Brothers for disabled children.