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Bath Street Campus
The Bath Street Campus prides itself in developing the whole child. To this end the physical education (P.E.) program is an integral part of the children’s educational experience.

Students at the Bath Street Campus have one active 1 hour P.E. lesson each week while children in Transition have a complimentary 40 minute perceptual motor lesson every Friday morning. The P.E. lessons cover all areas of the curriculum which includes:

  • The RLSSA Swim & Survive program
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Minor Games and Fitness
  • Ball Skills involving:
    • throwing and catching
    • striking
    • kicking
    • fielding

Besides being involved in intra-school sport carnivals, Year 3 and 4 students take part in the Alice Springs inter-school Athletics Carnival as well Gymfest - an annual event held on the last Friday of November.

Every year Developmental Officers from many sports come to Bath Street to instruct the children. The most prominent sports include cricket, AFL, netball, baseball, tennis and hockey. All children are invited to join the developmental programs these sports offer. OLSH Bath Street, in partnership with the AFL, is an official Auskick center regularly involving up to 55 students, both girls and boys, on Wednesday afternoons in the Auskick program immediately after school.

In addition to these programs the OLSH P.E. Staff are in regular contact with a range of Alice Springs sporting organisations including the A.S. Athletics Club, the A.S. Baseball Association, RLSSA (N.T.) and the A.S.Table Tennis Association.

Overall every effort is made to give the students at OLSH Bath Street Campus a sporting experience that will appeal to their interest, skill ability and psychological development. The children make the most of the opportunities on offer benefiting them and the College community.

Traeger Campus

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College, Traeger Campus, is a unique middle school offering five different specialists teaching areas. Vital to this is the area of Physical Education and Health. Traeger campus is known for its support, opportunity, team spirit and success in all sporting events it involves itself in.

The Physical Education program provides students with the opportunity to experience many different sports and events. Softball, Athletics, Jump Rope for Heart program, Gaelic football, Bush Dancing, Swimming, Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Touch Rugby, Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Soft Crosse, Table Tennis, Badminton, European Handball, Hockey and Aussie Rules are part of our extensive program.

The Physical Education program is designed to connect students with community sports and one way this is achieved is through the regular accessing of sport development officers to facilitate student development in and out of school.

The facilities at and nearby Traeger Campus make up part of our sporting environment, specifically the air conditioned Gilchrist Hall, Tennis Centre, Basketball Stadium, grassed hockey field, Swimming Centre and the surrounds of the Telegraph Station. The annual sporting events held by our Campus include Swimming and Athletic Carnivals and Cross Country running.

The campus provides a distinct advantage via its location and proximity to the Alice Springs CBD. Our Campus also provides important Physical Education lessons at the Marian Centre (Sadadeen Campus) during specific times of the year. Traeger pupils interact on occasion with students from the Bath Street, Sadadeen and students from other Alice Springs Schools. Our Campus eagerly participates in inter-school sports and events which include Athletics, Swimming, Gala Days, Come and Try Days and Desert Storm events. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in inter-school sport during out of school hours. For example our OLSH College Aussie Rules team, coached by our staff, comprising of year 7, 8 and 9 students and plays other Alice Springs schools on Wednesday afternoons.

Traeger Campus utilises a well-defined Health and Wellbeing program. This program undergoes regular review and development, and is incorporated within our Catholic School values and beliefs in line with current MITIOG and sexuality teachings.

Sadadeen Campus
The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) program at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College contributes significantly to the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of the students. We provide opportunities for students to learn about, and practise methods of adopting and maintaining a healthy and active life.

The PDHPE staff aims to develop in students the knowledge and skills needed to understand and enhance their interactions and interpersonal relationships in ways that promote positive health and movement outcomes for themselves and others.

Students who elect to study PDHPE in Years 9 and 10 will cover a range of relevant and vital units such as body systems, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, sexual education, lifestyle diseases and mental health.

Students have the opportunity to extend their studies in PDHPE by electing to do it in Year 11 and 12. This course is challenging and exciting, which develops their understanding in the physiological and psychological workings of the human body in response to exercise, as well as understanding of different sports, training and coaching.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College values physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. We provide opportunities for students to develop, adapt and improvise their movement skills in a wide variety of challenging contexts and environments that appeal to their needs and interests thus enhancing their enjoyment and excitement in sport, and ultimately increasing the likelihood of lifelong physical activity.

The Sadadeen Campus, offers a wide range of sporting opportunities both in Alice Springs and interstate. We encourage students at the College to participate in sport regardless of their age or ability and recognise their efforts and success. The College has experienced a range of success in many of its sporting ventures. Much of this success is due to a strong team spirit that is fostered by a very friendly, tight-knit College community.

The College has a strong connection with the Marist Community offering students the opportunity to participate in the Australian Marist Netball, Basketball and Cricket Carnivals. Participating in this competitive and unique sporting environment gives students an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with students from all over Australia.

The College also offers sporting opportunities within Alice Springs such as our annual Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals which are a highlight of the College calendar. Other opportunities also include the Desertstorm inter-school sports gala days, giving students the opportunity to compete against other schools from the region.