Educating Centralians since 1938

The Arts

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College has a strong and vibrant art culture within the school. With a curriculum that allows the students to develop their full potential in the arts from our Bath Street campus, through Traeger and then Sadadeen.

Art is offered as a specialist subject at Traeger with a specialist trained art teacher. All students, Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 do art with double art lessons (100 minutes) once a week for one semester each. This is in keeping with our middle school policy to provide a variety of specialist subjects such as Art, Music, Food Technology, Information Technology, Health and Physical Education and a Language Study.

Traeger’s dedicated Art Room is spacious, very well equipped and up to date, with an outdoor work area where students are able to access a broad range of art and craft media, including ceramics and new technologies.

Our large student art gallery, with ongoing student exhibitions and displays within the centre of the campus allows easy access for all. The gallery has a sophisticated hanging and framing system supporting large numbers of student art works which are regularly rotated. Students are able to experiment, explore their talents, discuss art and present their work in a public space to an interested and supportive audience so that art is integrated into our campus life.

Art at the Sadadeen campus allows the students to solidify their learning and further develop a more independent approach. Students are given the opportunity and freedom to explore and express their talents and to challenge themselves in a supportive environment. There are a range of opportunities outside of the regular classroom experience where students are encouraged to express their talents within the community. The Alice Springs Wearable Arts contest and various community projects allow students to see their art making in a social context.

OLSH also has a digital graphic design program that leads into Media Studies allowing our students a wide range of learning experiences. The curriculum is structured to enhance the students’ understanding of technique and language within the world of graphic design, as well as film and television, and the career opportunities available to them.