Educating Centralians since 1938

Vision for Education

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College is a Catholic faith community where the Gospel values of justice, love and peace permeate all that we do. Our vision for OLSH is to:

  • develop leadership and encourage initiative
  • promote excellence in all areas of education and a life-long love of learning
  • foster a safe and friendly environment where everyone is valued and accepted
  • nurture the whole person, emphasising honesty, mutual respect, compassion and tolerance
  • educate students to act responsibly and courageously

Graduate Outcomes
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College, Alice Springs, endeavours to nurture young people who will:

  • be tolerant, respectful of others and value diversity
  • recognise and appreciate the unique cultures of our community
  • contribute actively in the community with compassion, integrity and honesty
  • have the courage, confidence and independence to make well-informed decisions in the face of life’s challenges
  • be open and responsible for their own faith development
  • have the academic and life skills necessary to participate within society
  • be resilient and independent with the confidence to realise their full potential

Charter of Respect
Charter of RespectThe Charter of Respect encourages courtesy and mindfulness of others. The Charter builds on the College’s Vision Statement and Graduate Outcomes giving voice, in a more direct way, to what these documents espouse. The Charter provides a tangible reminder of the values we hold at OLSH. Parents and staff are encouraged to regularly refer to the Charter to assist students to become good Christians and good citizens.

Strategic Plan
In 2008 the Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Darwin released its Strategic Improvement and Renewal Framework (SIRF). The framework provides direction for school communities. It supports each school to respond to its call of mission to community, to its vision, to current practices in education and to new policy directions. It is a framework that emphasises planning, implementation and review in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of Catholic schools in the Northern Territory.

Effective Catholic schools have a strong learning orientation and a definite sense of purpose. They are learning-centred and constantly strive for excellence. The student is the primary focus for the development and implementation of learning programs.

The School Improvement and Renewal Framework is the mechanism by which schools can monitor their effectiveness and focus on improving it. This is achieved through the collection and analysis of relevant and reliable information that forms a foundation for formal assessment of the educational progress the school is making. This information enables the school to track student progress and achievement, and to respond proactively to changing needs and demands.

The School Improvement and Renewal Framework has six key areas of school life which provide the focus for strategic planning:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership
  • Pastoral Care and Wellbeing
  • Community and Culture
  • Finance, Facilities and Resources

The College’s five year Strategic Plan (2015 - 2019) was launched in 2015. The plan reflects significant consultation with the broad College community. Consultations with the local Bishop and clergy, College Executive, middle managers and teaching staff were held. A series of student focus groups and a forum for parents were also conducted. Parent, staff and student satisfaction surveys further supported insights from these consultations.

Each year an Annual Improvement Plan will be developed to assist in the execution of the Strategic Plan over the course of the next five years.

Download the College’s five year Strategic Plan (2015 - 2019)

Download the College’s Annual Improvement Plan (2019)

Download the College’s Annual Report (2016) and College's Financial Report (2016)