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Education Outside the Classroom

At all year levels, our students become involved in activities outside the classroom that help them to grow holistically. At OLSH we nurture the whole person; where on top of the academic and mental development of a person; development is also emphasized spiritually, physically, socially and psychologically. To do this, our students need wonderful experiences where they are taken out of their classrooms and neighbourhoods, and asked to adapt quickly to a new environment which need a different set of skills. These include:

Year 7 Camp – Victor Harbor, South Australia

Student reflections:

“In Term 2 we travelled to Victor Harbor in South Australia. The next few days were the best days of our lives.”

“The Year 7 Camp was really fun……. I made heaps of friends.”“My highlight was definitely Victor Harbor.”

“Camp was an awesome time to meet new people from different schools and become much closer.”

“I, one hundred percent, recommend going”

“Camp taught us a sense of responsibility and independence.”

Year 9 Camp – Camp Wombaroo, High Range, New South Wales

Teacher’s reflection:

“The venue was very ideal for outdoor activities where students enjoyed a 5-day program, including a one-day Reflection Day at Hermitage Mittagong. Students developed independence, resilience, team-building skills, organisation and time management skills.”

Year 11 Immersion Trip

An Immersion is an experience where a small group of adults visit a specific community for a fixed time. The purpose is for participants to experience life, faith, and justice from a new perspective and return home inspired. In December, 2019, six Year 11 + 12 students visited LaValla School, located just outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This immersion trip allowed students to experience the Khmer culture, while taking classes at LaValla. The group also flew to Siam Reap, the old capital; visited the Angkor Wat; saw the Genocide Museum and one of the killing fields.

The REMAR Program

The value of family is given strong priority here at OLSH, and the REMAR Program is one such activity that gives students a place and a sense of family.

The REMAR Program involves 3 groups:

  1. Reds Caravel (Year 10) – February Embarkment Camp + May Red Leadership Camp in Victoria with other Marist Schools.
  2. Blue Caravel (Year 11) – Solidarity Camp at Santa Teresa; Visiting Bath Street; Cleaning up the Todd River + a day of well-being with Year 9 pupils.
  3. Gold Caravel (Year 12) – consolidated their year with building community, serving others, reflecting on their personal and spiritual life; plus travelling to Phillip Island for their Gold Retreat.


24 students from YR 7-12 have signed up to participate in the Japan Trip, from September 24 until October 6, 2019. The highlight was undoubtedly the visit to our sister school in Osaka called Mino Jiyu Gakuen (MJG). Their Japanese hospitality was extraordinary, including class visits in Japanese language, after school activities mingling with locals and 3 night’s home stay. 2 hours after landing at Osaka Airport, our students were already with their host family, hearing only Japanese all night long. Their brass band and also cheer leading team have both earned NO 1 in Japan and gave us an unforgettable school ceremony. 

Other itinerary included Tokyo; where we visited Ramen Museum, famous Shibuya crossing, Meiji Shrine and Tokyo Disneyland. Of course, we did not forget to try the popular Japanese culture, karaoke! We had 3 days escape from bustling city to Mt. Fuji town where we experienced ropeway, a lake cruise and a traditional Japanese dinner.

Past OLSH Trips in the last 3 years

2019: South Australia, New South Wales, Cambodia, Victoria, Santa Teresa, Phillip Island, Japan, Ross River.

2018: Cambodia, East Timor, Victoria, Santa Teresa, Hermannsburg, Ross River, Kakadu, Katherine, Victoria, Adelaide.

2017: Dubbo, Victoria, Cambodia, East Timor, Phillip Island, Japan, Ross River, Victoria, Canberra.