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College Middle Campus Captains

2010 James Melky and Kate Yoffa
2011 Eli Dayman and Shanysa McConville
2012 Jacob Crowe and Renee Chapman
2013 Julian Lay and Alexandra Rosewarne
2014 Hamish Wark and Leticia Keane
2015 Nathan Dash and Emily Wilson
2016 Jacob Bitar and Rosemary Rainnie
2017 Seth Gotzen-Hyman and Savannah Wark
2018 John Colson and Cadence Malarkey
2019 Brix Rivera and Kiara Cronin
2020 Paddy van der Geest-Hester and Holly Parsons
2021 Raichal Riju and Abbey Brown
2022 Ruby Mitchell and Sonny-Bill Willie