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My experience at OLSH has been a whirlwind adventure! Throughout the 13 years of my OLSH schooling experience there were numerous phenomenal opportunities that enabled me to explore my academic abilities, leadership qualities, our wider community and the beautiful outside world. This school has taken me to many places, including South Australia, NT's Top End, and even Japan. However, I can say one of the most purifying experiences I’ve had at OLSH was through the Marist Youth Ministry Game Changers program. This program took a group of students including myself to Melbourne where we experienced an eye opening retreat. We then continued to help build our leadership abilities, and our spiritual and self-awareness qualities through fortnightly meetings and local retreats. 

Not only is OLSH a school which supports true academic awakening, it is also a school that justly values their Marist Characteristics, especially Family Spirit and Presence, within the college, classroom and wider school community. Additionally, if it wasn’t for the amazing staff, especially my senior year teachers, my schooling would have been a completely different experience. I had several teachers and mentors throughout my schooling that guided me not only through my academics but through personal hardships aswell. This is what Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is about; providing a learning environment that is safe and comfortable for all students, from all religious and racial backgrounds, and from all areas of uncertain and traumatic home lives.

OLSH was a place where my greatest friendships were made, where I discovered my morals, and where I worked my absolute hardest, with such a strong and stable support system behind me. This allowed my future endeavours to be within arm’s reach, and has led me to venture into a Bachelor of Midwifery next year! I thank OLSH for all the resources they provided me with, the community I was welcomed into and the person they helped me to become today.

God Bless,

Amy S.