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Bread Run

As part of the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, OLSH College works in conjunction with Brumby’s Bakery to deliver unsold bakery products to Town Camps throughout Alice Springs. The Bread Run is rooted in the Catholic Social Teaching principles of ‘Solidarity’ and ‘The Common Good’.

While the provision of bread to members of Alice Springs’ Indigenous communities is, in and of itself, a good thing, there are myriad other factors that make this such a worthwhile exercise.

As many of our students bypass Town Camps each day without knowing anything about them, the Bread Run offers students a chance to enter into these spaces in a friendly and non-intrusive manner. Students are often surprised by the welcome they receive, and thus much of the stigma that is attached to Town Camps is removed in our community members’ eyes. The opportunity to engage with residents, even if it is only a brief encounter, is a particularly worthwhile experience.

The Bread Run occurs every Wednesday of the year (excluding Public Holidays), starting at the OLSH Presbytery on Hartley St at 5.50pm and takes approximately 90 minutes. If you would like to assist in the Bread Run, please contact the Religious Education Coordinator at any of the three campuses.​