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The OLSH Early Learning Centre opened to students in February 2021.

Partnering with families and their children aged 3 to 5 years, the OLSH ELC is an exciting place to begin the educational journey for our youngest children. Central in Alice Springs, located under ANZAC Hill, we are fortunate to be situated on the Bath Street Campus site and to be part of the wider OLSH College community, upholding the values of faith, justice, love and peace.  What an opportunity for families to have a seamless education from the Early Years right through to Year 12 at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College.

I am privileged to lead the Early Learning Centre team, we are passionate about discovering and learning together with children in their early years. Children are already competent learners, we look forward to developing rich relationships and positive wellbeing as the ELC children are nurtured and supported engaging in a variety of learning experiences through collaboration, play, inquiry, imagination and creativity in a safe environment. As educators we seek to build hope, optimism, initiative and resilience ensuring each child’s educational, physical, social and spiritual needs are met as they grow and learn in our Early Learning Centre.

I have many years’ experience as an educator.  I trained and began teaching in New Zealand in the late 80s and early 1990s, first living in Australia in 1998. I have also lived in Papua New Guinea where I taught at an American school.  Working mainly as a teacher in primary and middle schools, I have also held various leadership roles including that of Principal more recently.  I joined the OLSH College team in 2019, teaching in a variety of roles at the Bath Street Campus. Appointed as the (Assistant) Director of the OLSH ELC from Term 4, 2020, I began the set-up of the OLSH Early Learning Centre. I also have responsibility for the OLSH, Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Program, beginning in 2021.  I am married with adult children who have given me the joy of grandchildren.  Walking alongside these parents with young children has inspired me to contribute to the early learning lives of the OLSH community and beyond, serving the children and their families in a professional capacity.  I welcome you to the OLSH ELC and look forward journeying with you in your child’s education.

Cate Garwood (Catherine)
Early Learning Centre (Assistant) Director


Early Learning Centre

General Phone: 08 8950 8618

Enrolment Enquiries: 08 8950 8611 or 08 8950 8618