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OLSH College has a counselling program which is offered to all students and available on each campus. This is a confidential service that provides support to students, as needed.

The service offers a non-judgmental and non-threatening environment for students to discuss their social and emotional issues with a school counsellor. Counselling helps our students gain strategies to manage their responses in dealing with challenging situations – both at school and outside of school. The goal of counselling is to assist students to improve their mental health and well-being.

OLSH Counsellors are experienced and qualified to work therapeutically with children and young people and are also on hand to respond to critical incidents if required. OLSH has three College Counsellors who work part-time across all campuses: Wendy Russ (Psychologist), Winona Vivas (Counsellor), and Dave Clarke (Counsellor). The counselling timetable allows for at least one Counsellor (sometimes three) to be available every school day. Students can self-refer, or they can be referred by parents or school staff members.

Students might like to access counselling support outside of OLSH, e.g., during school holidays. Below are the contact details of some agencies that provide support. We would be happy to make recommendations of appropriate external agencies and can be contacted on OLSH Central Administration ph. 08 8950 6400.