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VET Careers

The College strongly supports students in undertaking Vocational Education opportunities and encourages students to consider a wide range of potential Career pathways. In addition to supporting Career Pathways, Vocational courses can be used to fulfil some of the requirements of the NTCET.

In Year 9, students have the opportunity to apply to participate in taster courses or Skillsets at Charles Darwin University. These are practical courses in Cooking, Barista, Retail, Business, Plumbing and Sheet Metal Fabrication. During the year students participate in two weeks of training at CDU and gain an insight into Vocational Education and training.

In Year 10, students are able to select from a range of Vocational courses to undertake over one week per term at CDU. These can form a pathway into a number of trades and professions. Courses offered by CDU include nationally recognised certificates in Cookery, Construction, Plumbing, Welding, Automotive, Media, Music, Hairdressing, Beauty, Retail, Business, Sport and recreation and Tourism. Hospitality classes run weekly at the Desert Lantern after school. Students can also select to pursue a Certificate II in Community Studies and Health Support Services as an elective subject delivered at school. Students involved in VET may undertake Structured Work Placements to develop their experience of work in their chosen industry.

In Years 11 and 12, many students continue to complete their certificates or take higher level qualifications, for example Certificate III and IV in Hospitality. Students are able to apply for a Certificate II Aircraft Line Maintenance and to join the NTPFES Cadet program which works as a pathway into the emergency services. Other students might undertake a School-based apprenticeship or alternative VET programs.

In addition to VET programs, the College also undertakes a Careers program. All students have to complete the Personal Learning Plan as part of their NTCET. This allows students to examine their strengths, personalities and interests and link these to potential career opportunities. The concept is to introduce students to the skill of locating the resources to help them make decisions in this area and acknowledges that students are likely to experience a number of transitions during their working lives. Students may also use these reflections in their subject selections for Year 11. These resources are used further in Years 11 and 12 where students look into options of University entrance, apprenticeships and transition to work. Students have regular contact and interviews with the Careers Advisor to help them in this process.