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Academic Results

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Alice Springs Naplan Results 2022

NAPLAN, or the National Assessment Program: Is an essential standardised test in Australia. Evaluating students' academic progress in critical areas of Numeracy and literacy and operating annually for students in the years 3,5,7, and 9.


We can think of NAPLAN as a "report card." An academic snapshot of the whole country's education system for that year, based on how well students of Australia perform nationally.


Like a report card showing a student's strengths and improvement areas, NAPLAN results help parents decide where to send their children to school. Note that this is not the only metric to consider for your child when choosing a school. NAPLAN also helps tailor resources and support to enrich our country's education quality.

Like a single star shines brightly in the night sky, students' actions and performance illuminate the path toward a more promising, more effective education system.

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