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Founders Day 2024

28th June 2024

Founders Day 2024

We had a fantastic Founder's Day on 6 June. Thank you to everyone who participated. The spirits of St. Marcellin Champagnat and St. Jules Chevalier were alive in our students and staff. We welcomed Marist Brothers Paul and Mark, OLSH Sister Kathleen, and key educational leaders, including Paul Greaves. Congratulations to our 2024 Champagnat Medallists for embodying the 'Heart of Jesus' characteristics. Founder's Day included a special Mass, cross-country carnival, and successful Walkathon raising over $5000. The Day was filled with unity, celebration, and gratitude. Special thanks to all who made it memorable.

Congratulations to our Champagnat Medallists for 2024:

Transition: Oliver Hoolihan.

Year 1 Arneet Kaur.

Year 2 Anna-May Simpkins.

Year 3 Onel Udage Kankanamge

Year 4 Efrem Kadavil

Year 5 Pranav Rajesh

Year 6 Season Sharma.

Year 7 Zara Bigg.

Year 8 Tinomudaishe (Tino) Gashirai.

Year 9 Tara Pandey.

Year 10 Ashlee Randle.

Year 11 Ambrose Abbott.

Year 12 Audrey Siwempi.

Staff: Ms Tracey Bainbridge; Mr Steve Lazar & Mrs Veronica Perez.

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