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Kitchen 702 - the pop-up restaurant

24th June 2021

Kitchen 702 - the pop-up restaurant

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the Year 12 Food and Hospitality students were challenged on how to complete their assessment on “Food Establishment – Catering”. Although there are no restrictions applied in Alice Springs, the students decided to play safe by putting up a catering event called “:Shared Plates”. In this task students worked collaboratively to organise a pop-up restaurant to cater an afternoon tea for the staff in Week 8, Thursday. Students set up the garden area with a beautiful garden arch as the entrance.

Issues that the students addressed in their menu selection and preparation included healthy eating practices, food trends in the food and hospitality, safe food handling practices, and how to minimise food waste. Putting this in mind, students prepared an antipasto board consisting homemade dips and naan bread, fresh cut vegetables, cheeses, and crackers. Hot foods included homemade Pork and Vermicelli Noodle Spring Rolls, Toss and Baked Baklava Chicken Wings, and Teriyaki Chicken and Spring Vegetable Skewers. The 22 guests were treated with a dessert that included Chocolate Coconut Slice, Strawberry Powder Puffs and Fruit Slices.

All dishes were created with passion and love from the students. Food presentation which included cutting and plating techniques were applied appropriately, and all guests enjoyed the afternoon with a sumptuous and healthy afternoon tea. The task was a success and thank you to those staff who reserved their spots to help the Year 12 complete this assessment.

Evelyn Gaces – Food and Hospitality Teacher

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