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'Sacred People Sacred Earth'

18th March 2021

'Sacred People Sacred Earth'


Climate change is the change in whether of a place recorded over a certain period of time. Naturally the earth warms up as a result of the planet moving closer to the sun, the eruption of a volcanoes and natural greenhouse gases. Unfortunately humans too are contributing to the change in earth’s climate. Majorly, the burning of fossil fuels, industrial revolutions and the constant output of gas from cars, heating and cooling of buildings and even the cooking of food contribute gases that cause the atmosphere to warm up, blanketing the earth.

On Thursday March 11 at 11:00am places of worship of many different faiths around the globe were united to spread one clear message: to ‘sound the alarm’ for the climate and to call for climate justice. Coordinated globally by Green Faith International, an international multi-faith network for climate action driven by compassion, love and justice we gave thanks for their fantastic organisation and spread of awareness.

Together, OLSH students and teachers; including several College Captains, Leader of Social Justice and Trager SRC members joined members of the OLSH parish to ring the church bells, representing the faith community in Central Australia. Additionally, Bishop Charles also rung the bells at the cathedral in Darwin in solidarity. These actions were registered as part of the
international action for climate change “Sacred People Sacred Earth”.

Peta Stellar, an ex-OLSH student and member of Alice Springs’ local arm of the international climate action group Fridays For Future, helped assist and coordinate the event – “Sacred People Scared Earth”. Through great passion and dedication, Peta very graciously presented at Sadadeen’s fortnightly assembly bring major recognition and awareness to the issue of Climate Change. Via, a visual presentation Peta spoke her beliefs and preached to students about the importance of climate change awareness and the major affects it is having on our earth. Her final mention was that, “Together we can build resilient, caring communities and economies that meet everyone’s needs and protect the planet”.

Overall, Climate change is already impacting the lives of people everywhere, and it is the most vulnerable of our societies that are suffering, and will continue to suffer the most severe consequences. It is our job as citizens of this earth to be advocates for change, and help save our home for not only ourselves, but for the coming generations. We must speak up, take action and make our voices be heard, so the government can hear our concerns and finally do something about the issue.

- Amy Shearer – College Captain

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