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Year 12 Formal

1st December 2021

Year 12 Formal

The Valedictory Dinner was on Saturday night at the Alice Springs Convention Centre. At 11am on Saturday morning, the mandate to wear face masks was removed, a great omen for a successful and enjoyable night. In true tradition, our seniors arrived in a Fire Truck; a A9X Torana ’77; a XY GT Falcon; a Viper; a GTS Manaro; a Mercedes; a Golf Buggy and don’t forget the electric scooter (and many more).

As you can imagine, it was a huge operation for our Year 11/12 Coordinator to organise. The evening flowed like clockwork, everyone knew their role and Fleur Summers was conducting it all from behind the scenes. The Valedictory Dinner at the Convention Centre was a special night. The hall looked amazing, again with Fleur’s touch, and our students thoroughly enjoyed their last event together. After the presentations and speeches, they danced non-stop throughout the night. A special thank you to Fleur Summers who organised the Valedictory Assembly and Dinner with such precision, making both, such a special occasions.

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